About Nudgd

Nudgd offer digital soltions and advisory within the field of behavioral science. By using nudging we help make sustainable choices easy and take action towards the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

“Technology and behavioral change must go hand in hand for us to create a sustainable future and achieve the global sustainability goals. By automating nudges and embedding behavioral science insights into digital services, we can facilitate sustainable choices and create concrete, cost-effective solutions to many of our most common behavioral challenges.“

– Katharina Paoli Brunat, CEO, Nudgd AB

Our core values


Nudgd was founded in 2019 by the initiator of A Win Win World. At Nudgd, we focus on Tech4Good and advisory that make sustainable choices easy. We partner with A Win Win World to provide inspirational lectures and research based pilot studies to co-create the future. We also partner with the Nudging Sweden network for ongoing competence development and collaborative projects. Visit Nudging Sweden`s Facebook group to share discussions and news about nudging.

We know the value of working across different disciplines to come up with the best solutions. That is why we collaborate and partner with other people and organisations in our projects and services. We have a board of experts within various fields of the sustainability and behavioral science.

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